Monday, March 21, 2022

My Thoughts About No Masks

                I think getting rid of masks this soon is not the right move as this weekend cases went up and getting rid of the mask mandate this soon was the wrong move to be quite honest. As you know I am out and about today with Eric and I have made the decision to keep wearing my mask and there might be a time where I actually take it off but more then likely keeping it on most of the time and I know Eric will at times too but I have to remember not all my friends are and I am more at a greater risk at getting sick and I don't like the fact masks are not required unless you visit at a nursing home or at the hospital so I do not agree with our Premier's decision to actually get rid of the masks and I feel like it's just too soon. I do like that you do have to wear masks when on the transit which is good and I think that is a good thing. Just the indoor settings is one of the big things that bothers me though in general.

                I wish they waited till end of May till cases were down more and I have that feeling we may end up with high cases and the mask mandate will resume again which our premier is going to do exactly that so he is making the right moves and this is why my decisions towards Larry returning to studio, I am on the cuff making that decision right away. I think that is the reason I gave you guys a Plan A and B is cause I just do not know which way I am going in my head right now I have a ton of mix feelings with the no mask mandate yet I had no mask on in the food court with Terry and Eric and not gotten sick whatsoever so that is truly a good thing and I think it is more about me feeling and getting comfortable enough to not wear my mask. However I wish our Premier would kept the masks on in public places longer but we'll see what happens moving forward. That is my post for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you all on tomorrow's post. 


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