Saturday, April 16, 2022

Easter 2022

                 Easter is here tomorrow and what a great time for not just myself to take some time off from ChrisBOnTheWeb but the entire team. We have been grinding so hard on content this year and bringing out our best content that we have ever done within our network. This will definitely be good for us to recharge and refocus as we are close to wrapping up The After Show With Amy F's first season on the air. So reminder that chat is again closed tomorrow all day long and is closed on Monday as well despite there will be a blog and already have it scheduled to post up on Monday so I am ahead of schedule right now. For now we just enjoy the break from content and I know there are missing holes with content that needs to be done and I will get it done but that will be as of Wednesday morning. 

               I am off till Tuesday technically but that is besides the point but I am just glad we get this opportunity to rest cause the tensions between everyone has been high and we're just all passionate about creating content and we have to remember to take breathers and just rest and we need this opportunity to recharge and get refocused for the next half of this crazy adventure especially with Amy's podcast as it's a lot of work making sure we stay on schedule. Yeah I wanna do a post about scheduling down the road maybe this week perhaps but at this moment, I would like to wish you all a very safe, healthy and Happy Easter not just from the Founder/Owner but also my team, Tori, Amy and Larry. We hope you guys enjoy your Easter and I will speak to you all on Monday. 


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