Monday, April 18, 2022

Let's Talk Stress

              I admit the stress levels have been up the past month now and I haven't been able to deal with stress. Last week was a big example of me not being able to handle it as you know I was restricted from Facebook twice which I didn't do anything nor broke any rules nor Larry, Chloe or Amy wouldn't report me so someone decided to false report me and get me in trouble with the platform. I give too many chances to be honest to certain people and honestly I need to stop giving so many chances that is my problem. I should implement with CBOTW a 3 strike system, once your on strike 3 your gone.  I've been named called, accused and screwed over for podcasts. It really has  affected me and there is a system to how you can get your podcast into my network. Right now it's just friends I am allowing cause of the events in the last 2 years. 

              This is me starting in a fresh start. Once I block, I do not unblock. Not going to let anyone bring ChrisBOnTheWeb down this year. This website has done extremely well and has shown a lot of promise and progress. Especially with Amy's podcast now back on video once again we keep on growing this thing from here on out. I need to learn to deal with my stress levels and know my limit for working on things and taking that break when I need to take a break from things for an hour or so. I stress very easily and last Monday was a proof of it. I know with the Facebook drama I didn't deal with it well as In was in one of my moods the rest of the afternoon. When I got home a week ago, I ate dinner then was in bed afterwards and not up till nearly 3 am the next morning. Even the next morning I was emotionally and physically tired from the previous day and just did my own thing during the day. Wasn't upstairs much during the day and stayed down in my studio most of the day. Anyways that is my post, I will talk to you all tomorrow have a great rest of your day!


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