Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Taking a Bit of a Step Back This Week

                  Not been in the right place mentally. Fighting with friends, not being respected for wanting space on myself and not listening to drama on the Facebook group. I have done away with the Group and back on the fan page and reached out to people about rejoining via the fan page but we'll see. I hate to come to this point of success on a page then having to shut it down cause of non sense drama.  Starting to wonder if I should of just stayed on the fan page in 2020 and not moved and just ban off the trouble makers. This is my own fault for no sticking to it cause I was well over 60 likes on that page too. I am the one to blame for this mess and I should of just stuck it out on the fan page, the original fan page and not give so many chances. However that is not the point of the post and when I need space, I need space. People need to respect that and I am proud of myself for wanting space but people need to be able to give it to me and when I'm ready I will answer. 

                  Right now I am not all there right now in the head. My head is not all there and maybe it is best I take a step back and just take it easy on myself. I know I promised to be on The After Show With Amy F but maybe it is best I just postpone till Finale and hoping by then things start to settle down for me and get better. I know Amy is going to see this before I have a chance to talk about this but this is just me thinking what is best for me at this moment. I  have even considered not recording an episode for Sunday and take some time away from the podcast which you will still get an episode Thursday but nothing on Sunday, that is my original thoughts at the moment but the show must go on and I promised to be back on YouTube this weekend and I will. Just taking a bit of a backroad this week and NOT work on Power Rangers Collab for the next episode. What I have planned is to take care of my mental health and write some new episodes for my podcast. If I am up to it, edit Samurai which is very  miminal stress on me. So that is what is going on and my post for today, I will be back tomorrow with another random post as I really do not have anything pre scheduled or planned so I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


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