Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Took Time To Evaluate Things!

                 I know you guys are tired of me talking about the changes but over the weekend, I looked at the board with no content schedule whatsoever. Blog section of my board was clear till Saturday morning when I filled it with the topics and it tells a little bit of a story, its like a storyboard that will string to the 3rd and final part which will be tomorrow then I move on with things.  Least you can say it's content! Anyways this weekend I took time to evaluate the schedule for ChrisBOnTheWeb and the content and sometimes that is something you need to do is wipe out the entire schedule out and just start over and that is what I did. I cleared the board on the two ends of the board, Content Schedule and Blog schedule. I switched and have one section for the schedule of content as it is a ton easier for me to handle the entire schedule for me.

              They also say change is a good thing and in this case it's definite change that was needed as now I feel more at peace with myself. Now I know that ChrisBOnTheWeb is a solo project or endeavor which I will get more into tomorrow on the blog. Even redoing the entire board Saturday morning was worth it. It was worth changing around and actually having more space then I did with it split into 3 sections. I got more room then ever to write ideas down and jot down notes or reminders that I need to do this or do that so it helps a lot to have that extra space without getting a second or even a bigger board to have more space on. So taking time to re-evaluate things helps and I wish I did this sooner and things could of been different but cannot change the past and just move on and move forward with things. That is my post for today, hope you guys have a great rest of your Tuesday and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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