Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Doing My Own Thing With ChrisBOnTheWeb!

            To wrap up this set of posts with all the craziness going on with the website, I have come to conclusion that it is best I do my own thing with ChrisBOnTheWeb As you all know I still got Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collab and those are the podcasts I wanna grow and continue on with. Yes Larry is on the 2nd one and you know I wouldn't stop Power Rangers Collab for anything in the world. Remember: Going on 4 years in June with that podcast which it has been an incredible journey to be quite honest as it's grown and so loved by many of you guys. Now schedule wise you are probably wondering what the timetable is like now that the other podcast is now out of the picture? Here is the updated schedule:

Sundays: 1 pm EST- Entertainment Man Podcast (YouTube + Audio ONLY)

Mondays - Fridays: 11 am EST: Daily Blog posts (

Thursdays: 1 pm EST- Entertainment Man Podcast, Every 2nd Week (Audio ONLY)

Saturdays: 11 am EST- Sporadic Blog posts on Saturdays from time to time. (

               There is the schedule and yes it's simple and easy to follow. I think now with things simplfied it will be less stress on me perhaps. Now you can also find the actual schedule if you forget what the schedule is for both Content and Events you can go to  the Schedule Page or to view the entire schedule as it is now fully updated. Anyways that is my post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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