Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Been Quiet With ChrisBOnTheWeb In The Past Week...

                    As you know since Friday, I have been kind of on the downlow or very quiet around the ChrisBOnTheWeb Community. Just been trying to readjust to the whole situation of Larry being back and getting use to him being in the studio to also dealing with issues after issues to a point, I've gone quite silent online. Some of you probably noticed I wasn't saying much or anything in the premiere as my team was in there monitoring the chatroom... Just finding it hard to deal with so much and having to make tough decisions with ChrisBOnTheWeb moving forward which consists of me getting into arguments with my Co-Host and Community Manager. (No my current, the one I had beforehand.) Anyways, I just decided to take the silent approach and probably will be quiet on social media with the odd post here and there throughout the days some days you probably will notice, I'm quiet others days I'm more chatty. 

                  With everything going on with the darn tech issues, I have been questioning my ability to continue on with ChrisBOnTheWeb and I know I agreed to a 4 year domain contract which means I wanna at least finish that out before doing anything else. However I can assure you CBOTW isn't going anywhere as I'm inching closer to 400k on my website, now isn't the time to stop and I am just feeling a whirlwind of feelings from the last 2 years and I think that will be an seperate post, probably tomorrow but I am going to try and keep going but somedays I am finding it harder to run this site then others and that is where I question myself as the Founder, Owner and Content Creator to this website. I keep fearing the worse case scenerio which is falling behind with that main RSS Feed for my podcast, Entertainment Man Podcast. Anyways that is the post for today, I'll talk to you all tomorrow.


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