Friday, October 7, 2022

Blog and Events Talk

                Chris has apparently now deleted yesterday's post and I am sorry but he's gone against plans he has had. He has decided to not do CBOTW Studios Live or ChrisBOnTheWeb YouTube Channel cause of a not so nice comment on the Facebook calling a post of Chris's boring for no apparent reason and he was friends with that person too for a long time and he feels the betrayed right now. Kind of one the reason I have taken over the blog for today. He's been acting odd for the last little while since the drama the last few weeks. I am not sure why he pulled the plug on yesterday's blog he won't talk to us his Management Team. I wish there was something we could do for him.  

                     He's changed the schedule, End of the Week is tomorrow and it is apparently from him which has been pre-written and is scheduled for Saturday. Sunday will still be the Halton County Radial Museum post at 11 am EST and Monday is back to a normal timetable for posts. He plans on the following weekend off as he's been actively busy with going to events, however I looked at my footnotes he sends me on a regular basis and he has an event a week tomorrow too, the Apple Festival. Then I believe then he's off till December with events but do not quote me on that.  I've heard he is going to the Royal Winter Fair but will not be taking photos nor doing the media thing due to COVID and I respect his decision on this. He's talked about covering the Toronto Christmas Market still but still up in the air. I am sorry for the sudden pull of the post on Chris's behalf and I know he's doing what's best for him and the website, I know he will snap out of it soon.

Alexandra, Chris's Mgmt Team 

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