Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Studio Equipment Falling Apart.

           When we return to recording with Larry which I had a bit of a meltdown with the boom arm on Larry's end and is contemplating just replacing it very soon and have already put in the order for a new boom arm but has not given me a date for it's arrival. I've thought about doing it prior to Larry returning but he's have to get a new mount for Larry's Audio Technica PRO 31 mic so that is a bit of a dilemma because his mount is stuck and will not move. He's tried it with plyers nothing, however I got the part out with my dad's vice grip I got it loose enough to getting it out.

                 I have put in the order on Amazon and now vouched to never get a neewer product as it doesn't last long and getting a cheap boom arm and going a little more in the pricier and that's OK I want to go that route as it will last us longer.  I may actually switch out booms and use the new one and give Larry's mine that has the condenser and down the road his will be replaced all together eventually too I'm sure. That is the blog for today, I will be back tomorrow for another post so have yourselves a wonderful rest of your day and will talk to you all tomorrow!




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