Thursday, October 13, 2022

I've Been Hinting Things!

                            I have been hinting a lot of things and haven't remotely told the rest of the team yet. That's not the point I am trying to make right now, the point is I have stumbled upon something that could and will actually work for ChrisBOnTheWeb. This is what I mean-

Entertainment Man Podcast: Will continue to have it's own channel on it's own as usual as he continues to post episodes every week on Sundays at 1 pm EST and actual shorts from time to time of great moments on the podcast.

Jeff's Podcast: Whatever the name will be as it has been no secret that he is planning to do a podcast on ChrisBOnTheWeb & and he will have a channel and will be live streaming it on the channel. Not sure on all the details as of right now as discussions hasn't happened yet but interest has been expressed.

                     So talks are happening and the plan is in place moving forward. I have squashed there will not be a CBOTW Studios Live and will not be streaming anymore minus special occasions I will be planning to stream episodes. I've spoken about recording live but have to figure out a few different things. I hope to return to end of the month streams to answer questions and hangout with you guys on Entertainment Man Podcast Channel hopefully by end of the year when things start to settle down. I will talk to you all tomorrow.




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