Tuesday, October 11, 2022

What Is The Plan With Power Rangers Collab?

                      The plan with Power Rangers Collab is now with everything that has happened behind the scenes, this is the plans moving forward:

November 2022: Power Rangers Megaforce

                             Power Rangers Super Megaforce

December 2022: Power Rangers Dino Charge

                             Power Rangers Super Dino Charge

February 2023:   Power Rangers Ninja Steel

                             Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

May 2023:           Power Rangers The Movie

                            Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

June 2023:          Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Season 1

                             Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Season 2

October 2023:    Power Rangers Dino Fury, Season 1
                            Power Rangers Dino Fury, Season 2

                    That is the plan and I have decided to actually  throw in the movies in there which is in Italic on here. This brings us to the end of next year and the plans will be made moving forward 2023 and beyond sometime fall 2023. In the meantime this is what the next year looks like and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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