Monday, October 10, 2022

What's Next On The List of Things To Do?

                 First of Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian fans out there. I was originally planning to go to South Simcoe Railway but couldn't get tickets as it was sold out so today I am just doing a regular post. I know with all the drama behind the scenes and with my actions of tearing up the contract Larry and I signed, wasn't the smartest move but that has now been rectified and a new one is signed and is there till December 31st, 2024. Now with everything that we have been through, moving forward what is the plan? What is next on the things to do list?

- Entertainment Man Podcast:  Continue to record interviews and episodes in the regular schedule I have with the podcast. 

- Power Rangers Collab: Well, as of tomorrow, I start working on the podcast again, typing up the notes once again. I am aiming for the start of November for recording the next two episodes and getting back into recording with Larry. However I will be talking more about this hopefully this week, maybe tomorrow on the plan moving forward with the beloved collab. 

               I am glad things are on the up and up with the podcast, I really thought the collab was on it's way out the door but I knew it wasn't over. Was a mixed feelings I was having with the podcast but glad things are back. I mean last Thursday, we actually spoke about the next full year and I really wanna go into the details and holding out as long as I could. However the truth has to come out so stay tuned cause tomorrow I will be laying it all out on the table for you guy but until tomorrow have a great rest of your day and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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