Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Sometimes You've Gotta Split Things Up!

            Sometimes you gotta split things up and honestly with the collab and yes this post is pertaining to Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast cause I know I am currently working on Super Dino Charge and this means this week could actually means we will indeed be only recording the one episode this week. I am currently working on the second season of the two as I mentioned so right now I am scheduling him and I 2 weeks from now when we will be recording the second one and I am promising myself to try and be done by end of this week if most.

              So the episode we record this week will be edited and saved for posting once we complete Super Dino Charge. Once that is recorded, edited then I will be announcing when we will be posting these up on the website for your enjoying pleasure! I know it's very UNUSUAL for us holding onto an episode and we did that with Megaforce as if I remember before we actually recorded in two sessions. This will be the last time we do this way as we wanna get them out quicker as we have a timeline to July being finished with all the seasons. That is the post for today, as always, I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


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