Monday, February 20, 2023

Studio is Semi Open Today (Due to Holidays)

            Today, here in Ontario is Family Day and any other year on this day, the ChrisBOnTheWeb Studios would normally be closed. However this year is certain circumstances as this week, Larry and I are back in the studio this week and I am closing in on finishing up the notes! 

            So there is really no studio hours today, I will be both in and out of the studio today spending time with the family today as it is after all Family Day and the reason behind this holiday. So I am going to be in and out of here all day long but plan on working when not playing games with my parents or watching TV shows with my mom. Other then that this is going to be a day that is really out of the ordinary. Usually on a holiday, there wouldn't be a blog today but decided to do one normally and depends on the holidays really. It doesn't take a long time to type one, the matter of minutes actually. Anyways that is today's post, have a great holiday and as always, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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