Saturday, February 18, 2023

End of The Week Updates [02-18-2023]

             Hello everyone, my name is Joe, Chris's Community Manager for ChrisBOnTheWeb. It has been a very, very stressful week for us all the team, I came back into this community because of massive team changes, drama and what not, Chris has kind of gone quiet at times this week and hasn't been too active but I have kept things up to date. But here are the updates:

Website: Chris has shifted the schedule page to about section again as he felt the website was too hectic with the menu bar and he wants to leave it at a limit of 5 on the menu at all times so there is some weaving we had to do.

Entertainment Man Podcast: He is working all weekend and Monday and Tuesday on interviews for the next 5 interviews he has lined up right now. 

Power Rangers Collab: He wants to have the notes done by sometime this weekend and he stopped but worked on it from time to time when he was up to it as I said he's had a really rough week.

             Those are the updates, I will talk to you guys next week for another end of the week updates and Chris will be back on Monday unless things change but stay tuned to the social media for updates.

Joe, CBOTW Team

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