Friday, March 24, 2023

End of The Week Updates [03-24-2023]

            First of all I apologize if this is late, I thought it wasn't Friday today and completely thrown off by the days so this may be half hour or is and half hour later then normally scheduled and it is truly my own fault in the process but here are the updates for the week:

CBOTW Studios: As you know the studio here has been in transition with the computer for a week now and pretty well think I have settled down with the setup, just a few little moving parts the new monitor, setting up the monitor stand and old computer at the old desk which I will do this weekend I'm sure. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: Had some issues with editing software on the older machine but seems to been fixed with a reboot of the system everything seems to be OK now.

Power Rangers Collab: As usual started working on Ninja Steel but stopped cause of the computer switch and now on the newer machine now so that delayed getting episodes done and I think I'm at episode 3 or 4 now but hope to work on it this weekend a bit.

          I hope I can take some time off Sunday for the day to just rest and rejuvenate, a lot going on work wise and this crazy, crazy studio and will continue to update you guys on the progress of desk 2 as it comes. Those are the updates for today, I will talk to you all on Monday!


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