Monday, March 27, 2023

Wendel Clark's Review.... [The Last Review]

            I wouldn't call this a review, I'd call this a catastrophe...... Now the food, Carlton Street Club Sandwich with Onion Rings were great and all and still give it 10 out of 10 but that is not the point of this blog it is more the service and lack of communication from our server. A good friend of mine was going to get me a cookie dessert which he got his but I never got mine whatsoever so I ended up cancelling it. To top it off they didn't put the bills as we wanted them as some of us were seperate. 

            That is the tip to the ice berg... There was another server that had an attitude issue with us when we didn't do a damn thing to her. I didn't like that whatsoever and glad I cancelled my cookie to be quite honest. I didn't even leave a single tip as they got nothing, nadda zip. Because honestly I AM NEVER GOING back. They will not get my business whatsoever. In the future, I will be going to other places like Teddy's which has never given me a problem. The service I'm giving -10 out of 5. That is my post for today and as always talk to you all tomorrow!


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