Thursday, March 9, 2023

Gaming Updates

          As you know on my spare time and when I get spare time, I play some of my video games and here are some updates:

Goat Simulator: I got into this game thanks to a friend of mine and interesting what you can do but still getting the hang of the game still and not use to it as of it. 

Minecraft: I have been fiddling around with the game and even made a Zamboni out of blocks that sits in the corner under the blocks but obviously doesn't move or anything. Also been working on the concessions and bathrooms in the football stadium and also the baseball stadium too. Still a little stuck on the apartment building and need to figure something out with the elevator shaft as there is a problem with it.

Luck Be The Landlord: I have been grinding the heck out of the game and officially 3 levels from actually beating the 1st level of the game. Anything is possible on any given day and I am getting smarter with the game. 

           Anyways those are the updates on the games, I will do another one next month on the progress of and what the next step is for the games but as always will talk to you all tomorrow.


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