Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Today's Going To Be A Busy Day with Content!

            Today, Entertainment Man Podcast turns 3 years old and it is time to celebrate everything I have accomplished. I did a 10 - 15 minute video showing my gratitude to you guys. It is unbelievable how fast the years has gone by with this podcast and I want to show my gratitude so here is the schedule: 

11 am EST: this blog you are reading today.

1 pm EST: Dropping an official video on Entertainment Man Podcast's YouTube Channel which will be 10 - 15 minute video how grateful I am for doing this podcast.

4 pm EST: Dropping a new official Trailer for the podcast's YouTube channel which mind you I have been wanting to do this for months and what a nice way to do it on the anniversary of this podcast. 

           So that is the schedule and today is just going to be chaotic for me and when the podcast turns 5 maybe I will do a stream perhaps. However I hope you enjoy the little surprises I have for you guys so please if you haven't yet please Subscribe to the YouTube Channel


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