Thursday, June 22, 2023

Pizza Munno Review!

           So last week, I got to go to Pizza Munno which is in my downtown with Eric on my travels around with him. I got the double pepperoni and the slice was huge! They also did cut it smaller but still do not think I was going to be able to eat it all so Eric took one half and I had the other. Was gooey, cheesey and yes greasy but still was still good. I enjoyed it and actually it was better with double pepperoni actually. Was good to every last bite and I just enjoyed it all together. 

           So I would rate it 20 out of 10 as it was just over my expections actually so it gets a higher rating then I would ever think. I will be definitely be back with Eric as we have plans to return down the road and excited to go back and have Pizza once again. I can see why it is very busy at lunch hour as it is a very loved Pizza joint locally in the downtown Oshawa area. Anyways that is my review today and I will talk to you all for the end of the week updates + food review on Saturday for the French-Canadian Pavillion. 


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