Friday, August 11, 2023

End of The Week Updates [08-13-2023]

             Another week has come to an end and time for another end of the week update. I have or we have been working hard on a lot of things behind the scenes but here are the updates:

Team Wise/Website: We have a new Community Manager as our previous team member has departed so we welcome Kelsie to the team and she's been on the ball on things and I reveal to you guys what we have been up to behind the scenes.

Discord Server: As you guys know we have a Discord Server and after speaking to Kelsie over this, her and I agreed to do away with the Content Creator Role and brought back VIP to those who I feel. Also Moderators are done for now and I erased it.

The CBOTW Show: I have officially wrapped up editing all of the Power Rangers Movies  and one is being posted today @ 1 pm EDT. I look forward to the feedback with this and apologize for such a long, long delay. Had other projects that had to be finished first but finally got all 3 scheduled. I promise in the future to be more prompt with the release schedule. 

What's Next?: Well I have to record or have recorded this weekend's episode of the podcast, edit all, prepare TikTok's and YouTube Shorts during the week. That will be all today. Tomorrow I will be starting back up on Beast Morpher's where I was suppose to be at the end of July and supposedly done by now.... SMH (Shakes my head!) So that is where I am at this point and made some real progress! I have some other news to share with you next week but for now have a great weekend and talk to you all Monday!



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