Thursday, August 24, 2023

New Strategy With Keeping Organized

             I have come up with a new schedule and came up with this whole method when it comes to keeping organized with content and getting things done. Now not everything is listed as I do have two other things on my list but this gives you a bit of an idea what my list looks like. It lays out my week and what needs to be done during the week. However I have to make sure to actually be prepared as interviews can pop up at anytime. I after all have 6 of the 7 days available for those. 

           I hope this will be helpful for me to getting me on track to sticking to the schedule as you guys know that I am behind schedule on and off recently. This is why I am now working on getting into a more of a routine and maybe this is actually something that I am missing is a routine. Sometimes I do not even go by a routine and routines are good and to have structure is good. This should help me moving forward and getting things done in a quicker pace. That is the post, thank you to those who read this post and I will speak to you all tomorrow. 




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