Thursday, April 18, 2024

Not Sure What's Next for The CBOTW Show!

                Now that it has been OFFICIALLY 2 weeks since Larry and I recorded Dino Fury Season 2 & Cosmic Fury, the finale of the franchise + the one off that we did, I'm not sure what is on tap for June for Larry and I wise. We haven't gotten that far into it as right now as at this moment of time, we are posting and publishing the episodes that we have recorded thus far. 

              We really haven't looked at what's next and we honestly haven't had that conversation honestly. We've been enjoying our time off air to really hangout and have some fun in our lives. So I cannot predict what is next for the podcast but The Mighty Ducks movies is suppose to be next on the list but the question is when are we going to be recording this podcast. I've heard June maybe July at the most now. I am also trying to get the guys in for Entertainment Man so I am trying to do both and it isn't easy. So it is all about a balance between both podcasts and I will talk about that in May a little bit in a post while I am away but for right now that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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