Saturday, May 25, 2024

End of The Week Updates [05-25-2024]

                There is really big updates as Chris has been trying his hardest to get episodes done and I am sorry we've ghosted you in updates today but Chris has even mentioned he has recorded the episode for tomorrow and all it needs is editing now. He will have that done tonight. Also when he gets back he will be getting back into finishing up Wednesday episode to writing out notes and getting it recorded and edited. Also next week he's mentioned a recording sessions with Larry but not sure what it is technically. 

              I know Chris will have a ton of episodes coming up for interviews and you never know if they will be LIVE but excited for them all. He's hinted two are on the docket are to be live on the air one next week and the other few weeks later with Shane but either way excited to listen to both of the podcasts coming up. Chris will be appearing on several podcasts as a guest and excited to hear them. That is the updates, I will talk to you all next Saturday.


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