Friday, May 3, 2024

Got My Schedule for Tomorrow!

                As you guys know, I have 2 events back to back to go to this weekend (tomorrow) and I finally have a schedule laid out for the day and there will be a stream and I will mention it in my list but we'll see how things go for the stream to happen. 

10 am EST- Shipping Docks Tour as part of Doors Open Ontario

1130 am EST- Bowmanville Maple Festival

6 pm EST- Just Chatting Stream, as long as another channel that I sub to isn't going live, I will be going live on Twitch/Facebook. 

               There is the schedule, a full day of activities and I wouldn't be surprised if I pass out after the stream as I will be a very tired guy by the end of the stream. I know it will happen. Either way I am excited for the start of events and a very long and fun events season after going dormant for the winter and I am ready to kick it into high gear and doing these awesome events again. Anyways that is the post for today, have a great weekend as Kelsie will be doing the end of the week updates and I will talk to you all on Monday!


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