Saturday, October 5, 2019

Silent Lake & Haliburton Ontario 2019!

              Yesterday I got to go up north for the day with my dad and got to spend some time in the great white north. It also gave me the time to start reflecting on things not just CBOTW related and my life. My life hasn't been the most happiest nor positive in the last while and I need to get back into a more happier mood and positive attitude as it really gone south and yesterday was a good day to be out despite it being cold and what not but we dressed warm so we were perfect. Anyways we got there and went to our own stopping grounds campsite 127 where we last stayed which was years ago when we were staying with the trailer. Then we went down the hill to the dock took pics out there, then followed by our little rock area. Then we headed out to the day beach. We did a couple of the loops where we camped but that was pretty much it. The Day beach was the last place we went to. 

Then we headed our way to Haliburton as it is on our route heading home and we got to see the colors which I think honestly was about 90 - 95% full colors. We got to Haliburton and we went to McKeck's which a food review is coming this upcoming week as I have two reviews coming out this week back to back so stay tuned for that as well. Overall we had a good day and we had a very busy day but least I did sleep well that night and able to get sleep for the next day which is the York-Durham Railway which I will be talking about on tomorrow's blog post. Had a small issue with the tickets that same night and I wasn't very happy about the way things ended up but all worked out both the trip to Silent Lake and this weekend and I cannot wait to talk about it to you guys about the other places I have been to and I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I will see you guys in the next post tomorrow hopefully on time.


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