Sunday, October 6, 2019

York Durham Railway 2019!

               I know the posts are out of sync in the last couple of days with my very busy schedule recently but here is the post for today. I went to York Durham Railway and this is the first time I have been there in 3 years as 3 years ago I filmed with Larry up there for the what was the series finale and also I took a trip on it with my dad that summer as well so it was definitely time to hop back on the train, even if it is partially down the line to Goodwood and back which is what we did. I am not going to talk about the difficult time we had getting tickets as things all worked out in the end but I am so happy they are getting more and more popular to this day and I'm sure when I filmed up there it helped them as well. Anyways we went to Goodwood and back and we were on Car # 101 which is a Budd car from Boise Idaho which yes is the potato state in the U.S. Anyways we were pushed and pulled by diesel 22 which ran in the province of Quebec. So we went on our way and now we were like in the dining car where it had a table and chairs so it was comfortable for me at least but it was nice but I perfect the other type of car but those were the only seats really available at the time of our purchase of tickets.

                This is not much of a post of the day as I did take several pics which you can definitely find on my Instagram account @ChrisBOnTheWeb. Anyways we had a good time yesterday and we know in the very nearby future we need to book ahead of time to do the entire trip to Stouville and back as we very much do enjoy that trip in the past and we will be back next year for sure! We will be making sure of that! Also we got a look at the Diesel up close and I wish I said I'd like to go into all 3 of the diesels when we filmed which I can say I have been in all 3 but least I got to be in 3612 at least. So may as well mention this to you guys as well this weekend my dad and I are off to Halton County Radial Museum and the following weekend we are heading to South Simcoe Railway so we will be indeed busy for the next few weekends with new posts. Again thank you so much for reading this short post and I hope you guys enjoyed this little post about my trip and I know it wasn't much but least I got a post out for you guys tonight due to me being extremely busy all day with Larry. 


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