Tuesday, July 21, 2020

We Had Issues With Our Account!

            We had some issues with our account for the email that we use and someone decided to post up on YouTube inappropriate content to a point where we got a warning on our account. This went on for almost a good hour and a half before we managed to reset the account and got the account reattached to the website for blogs and changed the login information to this website. We were gonna remain quiet but there is a reason behind this post. At this point Myself, both Chris's and Larry have made a very tough decision unless things are changed in the next couple of days. However what happened was not cool whatsoever and we work so hard on the website and to be destroyed within an hour and a half is no laughing matter. We are very unhappy with what has transpired and we are reassessing things right now and I am sure by tomorrow Chris will have more information on the changes to the podcast.

            However I have to say this, this has to stop, because there will be a breaking point where Chris will not wanna do this site anymore, he will walk away but I doubt he would do that really, I do not think he is wanting to walk away anytime soon. However we do not know if we will be doing video or just Audio ONLY and I am sure with more discussions going on today, that there will be an decision made but I think if we re-start from scratch on a channel then we can actually make a good run as we do not the extent of the damage to that one channel at the moment and maybe it would be best to just start over again from scratch. One final thought to this blog post for today is we beefed up security to our account so this will be prevented in the nearby from ever happening again. Anyways that is what I had to say on the situation and Chris apologizes for not being able to do a regular posts today as normally but he's become very busy trying to get the Power Rangers Podcasts up and going for you guys but he will be returning on Thursday for a regular post and I will be writing about The CBOTW Show tomorrow then his return to posts on Thursday.

Have a wonderful, Tuesday!

- CBOTW Community Manager

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