Thursday, July 23, 2020

The CBOTW Show Is Changing A Bit!

              With all the changes that has happened, The CBOTW Show is changing. Chris has made it clear he's unsure to make these big moves right away so he is waiting on certain things on the podcast. There was a point where Chris was all geared up to do The Simpsons but he felt like it wasn't the right fit for the podcast and I know you guys were excited about recaps for that series but he feels he's expanding too fast at this point. So he is slowing down his role as we just started this merger and gotta re-adjust to all of this. Maybe by September the Simpsons could be a thing on the podcast but we will see how the next month and a half goes. The next part is The CBOTW Show as he's addressed on the teams FB page what is going on with the YouTube channel which is work in progress to get things back up and running smoothly and no more issues with account being hijacked etc. However the situation is being reassessed over the next 5 or 6 days and Chris has already gotten work done with this and we will see I guess by Monday or Tuesday when he plans to announce the news to everyone.

                Also Chris has removed The Simpsons off the schedule for now, as he feels like expanding too fast is not the way to go right now. However you never know with him and his plans and I am sure in the fall he will be actually have more of an idea what the plans are with the podcast as we are still awaiting on Big Brother 22 news and really Chris hasn't mentioned the word video at this point, he is really focused but I noticed that he actually still has the YouTube channel but again that account was messed the heck up and he's unsure what the damage to it as we do have access to it again but the damage has to be assessed and he may just have to start all over again from scratch and that decision has to be made. Now he's mentioned not all shows will be on video whatsoever, some will be Audio ONLY, some will be Video if Chris and his Senior Producer decide to actually pursue YouTube down the road.  He just notified me he has a strike on his YouTube channel and cannot stream for a week which is not bad but that's not good in case there is a podcast is indeed being recorded that night as he's got a block darken out as it will be a recording night and I really have no clue what he has planned at this moment.

- Mark, Site Admin

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