Saturday, July 18, 2020

We're Still Learning!

                I know late last night, I was tweeting out that we had a mishap with the website which Mark will talk about on tomorrow's post but I wanna make it clear that we're still learning about coding and CSS code and any other type of coding that we have actually have put onto this website. It's a learning curve with this. Trust me it's always work in progress. However over the last year, we've learned a lot about coding and website building. Neither myself or our web admin went to school for any of this. We practically learned from YouTube and Google how to put together some of the pages that you see on the website. Also the menu bar was all built from scratch which we got the code from online but customized it to our liking which has been tweaked time and time again. I love to learn and our web admin isn't the only one that works on the site, I also work on the website so he's not the only one that works in the backside of the website that works on it. 

                Either way I love to learn about new things and it has been quite a learning curve but we appreciate the patience and honestly we don't think you guys noticed really and this happened to be us that noticed the changes within the website, actually it was me as I was going through pages in the backside of the website and I saw the Special's page and went onto and noticed there was no special. So I talked to Mark and he said sounds like the CSS issue but I'll let him explain tomorrow. However the point I wanna make is that we're learning and we have to make sure the site look really good and just be patient. The advice we can is report the issues to us via Social DM or Either way we continue to learn and grow and we appreciate the patience you have had with us. 


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