Sunday, July 19, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates! [07-19-2020]

                 Here is your weekly updates for ChrisBOnTheWeb for July 18, 2020. Well it's been a crazy week for us and we've been making temporary changes to the website to podcast stuff we can say there has been changes and change honestly is good. I've been in close contact with the boss man and he informs me of the changes. Anyways here is what has been happening around ChrisBOnTheWeb:

Website: So as Chris has mentioned in the post yesterday, we had to tweak the menu bar a little bit more as the drop down wasn't showing all the different pages that we house on the website but we have that fixed and it was him that actually noticed the issue. Like he said if there an issue on the website to send us a message on Social or send us an email Missing or want a feature added you can send it to us and we can look into it. Speaking of that we also removed Survivor & Amazing Race Canada and it is now under Temporary Archives which was my idea originally. Finally for this portion of the website is we're looking into a way to link our socials to help us grow as a community, grow all 3 aspects of the social media so we're trying to figure a way to do that and when we're ready to release we will let you all know.

The CBOTW Show: So recently Chris started recording episodes of The CBOTW Show, Tough As Nails RECAP Podcasts and just yesterday, he dropped a The Simpsons Recap from Season 1! I had no idea he was gonna do this weekend but it is very exciting and something different from anything he's done in the past so be sure to go check it out, here on the website, Castbox, PlayerFM, TuneIn, ITunes, etc!

                   Now much more in the updates for right now and there has been additions to our team made but we're not clearly ready to announce any of that at this moment but when the time is right, we will be sure to let you guys whether it is on Social Media or here on or even both. Hope you all have a wonderful week and I will be talking to you guys next week!

- CBOTW Community Manager Mark

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