Monday, July 26, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb-- Trying To Figure Out The Right Direction With The Website

                  Yeah, you probably seen the chatroom here on the website suddenly poofed! Yeah well there is an explanation to that. I wasn't thinking clearly when I told Alexandra that I wanted to grow the website and adding back the chatroom was not the right move. I should of thought  things more clearly. With the rumors getting stronger and stronger with a potential Reboot of the beloved CBOTW Gamers Podcast down the road, there can be and possibility of a Discord Server returning eventually as there is possibilities of the Podcast being streamed over to Twitch since I am banned from YouTube and cannot stream to there plus you guys know my stand against that. Back to what I was saying-- I think having the chat really crowds the heck out of the website especially the top bar on the website as it was quite full. 

                However there is other ways you guys can stay in touch with me and my team, Facebook Group, Twitter and Instagram, even e-mail if you got any questions that you may have. I just do not wanna crowd the website whatsoever and I think the way Alexandra and I have the website now is a ton better and I think at this point, we are done adding new items to the menu at this point and I have no plans to add anything else to that menu. I am keeping it to the 6 items on the menu.  However we are planning to keep adding and maintaining the drop down menu on my website moving forward. I hope I'm in the right direction now and not going backwards in time. Like that podcast I did a week or two ago, Moving Forward, not Backwards. Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow and one last thing, if you have any ideas for Wednesday's post please leave it in the comments below! 


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