Monday, November 29, 2021

I'm A Little Backlogged....

              Right now, I am a little backlogged with work right now. I have got so much going on all at once.. There is so much to do and I cannot do everything at once. Eventually I will get it all done but one step at a time but here is what is going on:

Entertainment Man Podcast For This Week: Currently editing the podcasts for this week so I can get em out to you guys in a timely fashion. I chose to get these done and out of the way first while working on and watching RPM.

Entertainment Man Podcast 2022: As you know I worked a lot on Entertainment Man Podcast for 2022 but it is now on hiatus for now and no clue when it will back to that but I'd have to have my list cleared up completely.

Power Rangers Collab Podcast: Now there is 3 layers to this. Right now priority is to get RPM done and finished. Plus when I get time to start editing the collabs that await posting up here on the website. But that is a major backlog for me at this current moment.

               I wouldn't call this a little backlogged, this is the Grand of backlogs with projects and what not. I really need to slow down at some point and I will but right now I do not have that opportunity. For right now I have to focus what is important and take one step at a time to ensure it does get done and finished and eventually the list will be minimal but one step at a time is the way to do it. That is today's post and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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