Monday, March 7, 2022

Blog Viewership and Updates

                 I know the blogs were popping at one time and now I feel like their starting to slip in the viewership and as you know Amy popped on to the blog to announce a couple things with the schedule changes. I practically pushed this post and swamped out a few other things this week so it can fit. The viewership I am not happy with the viewership and I promote the blog and sometimes I wonder who reads it and I have a statcounter that's actually hidden from you guys and I can see the traffic to site and it isn't too good and it is frustrating to be honest. I had some thoughts of just stopping regular posts and going to sporadic posts from time to time when I have something to update and that day will end up coming eventually but right now I am focusing on the 5 days a week. I know I will be a burst of inspiration will come eventually. 

                  Now one thing she didn't mention is she is more a temporary host for Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US unless we cannot find anyone but for right now she is there for both this season of Big Brother Canada and the US season. Will be working by mid May to find a permanent host for both the US and Canada moving forward so this isn't overwhelming for her as I know Survivor is more her thing and I understand that and someone will wanna host I know it'll happen and she doesn't know this but I plan on starting to find someone the week after Big Brother Canada ends and it will be out there. Yes she mentioned Amazing Race as I am planning to bring it back to the podcast, but still minor detail as I am working on the form and getting the next step ready. Also I will be popping up on older Seasons that Amy covers as she will be picking and choosing what she wants to do and already has my list so stay tuned you may see me pop up on the channel randomly. That is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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