Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Entertainment Man Podcast!

                Today, Entertainment Man Podcast marks two years on the podcast and what a crazy adventure it has been with this podcast!   I am nothing but proud of this podcast and everything it has been through. I know there has been 2 hiatus's on the podcast but with it now permanently back up and running as one of the main regular series across the website and other Audio ONLY Platforms. The first two seasons I did had one interview but up to this year, I have gone almost all interviews with at least 3 episodes that hasn't even been an interview which is fine with me to be quite honest. I do not mind it at all doing an interview every week. It really has made things a lot more interesting for me to be quite honest and I've had so much fun recording em and creating conversations with people every week. 

                I know requests have been flying in and I will make sure to answer you guys as quickly as possible but remember it's a weekly podcast with bonus episodes every second week.  I think the reason why the podcast has been around for 2 years which is now 3 seasons is because you guys continuously listen to the podcast and I have come up with so many great ideas with the podcast. I was originally was going to do a podcast about it but since it isn't on a day the podcast goes live publicly so I have decided to make a post instead and keep at the task ahead as there is some clearing up I need to do this week with a recent topic that will not be removed as I am leaving the Transition to YouTube episode up on the Audio ONLY platforms despite I made some wrong choices recently. Anyways that is my post for today, hope you guys enjoyed this post and thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


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