Saturday, March 5, 2022

End of The Week Updates [03-05-2022]

                 Another week has gone by and so much has happened this week it's so unbearable but I will try to cover as much as I can on the updates. 

Website: About, Team, Schedule, Contact has been updated to reflect the brand new and permanent changes to this ERA of ChrisBOnTheWeb. Also On Demand was down for a bit till I decided what I wanted to do it but I put it back up on the website and only home to the Archives at this moment. Only page that needs updating at this moment is Power Rangers Collab Podcast page which I need to do some intro work on all of them and an update will be made end of next week.  Adding Amy's new solo podcast which I will address shortly but sites been revamped bigger and better then it was. It was long overdue! Also Team page is now called "Staff."

Entertainment Man Podcast: With all the changes I continue to record and post up shows regardless and make time for this podcast as the show must go one regardless. I finished up editing my podcast with Reynaldo and big thank you to him for wanting a copy of the podcast to post up to his website. It will help grow my listenership. 

Power Rangers Collab: Now back to the original name since January 2019, I am keeping this name on a more permanent basis. I do not plan on making changes to the podcast by placing it in another podcast, I am leaving it exclusively to As for Samurai that is now on hold until intros are done and finished which now this podcast is on a tempoary hiatus till it is fully finished. No ETA to when it will return. 

The After Show With Amy: I managed to rescue The CBOTW Show from the cold shallow hole it was thrown into thanks to my doing along with Entertainment Man Podcast which is still there. The channel was renamed The After Show With Amy F and an Audio ONLY Feed was made for her. Also main page was created for her and will be active soon! Announcement is coming soon from her when it will be posted up for the Cast assessment but I can say this she will be pre-recording due to net issues right now hopefully it can be fixed at a later date. 

                That is the end of the week update and sorry for no blogs majority of the week but hope you enjoyed the surprise blog yesterday. We've been busy making changes and revamping the website and trying to set things up for a more permanent basis. Either way blog posts return in 2 days (Monday) on it's normal 5 days a week schedule so stay tuned for the post Monday, enjoy the rest of your weekend I will talk to you all Monday.


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