Tuesday, January 31, 2023

What Will Happen After July With Power Rangers Collab [Contract Discussion]

               I know with Power Rangers Collab you guys know there is a contract involved with this podcast as this is a very massive project and endeavour for the last almost 5 years it's been an on going project for both Larry and I. As you know him and I are planning to finish all 29 seasons by end of July this year to prepare for Cosmic Fury this August/September. So I know there is a ton of questions regarding the contract and beyond July of this year:

              So beyond July, like I mentioned him and I still have Cosmic Fury and hope by end of the year to be in the studio to record it sometime in December. However beyond that we have no idea what comes next for the beloved collab you guys have loved and known for the longest time. Probably end up a one off podcast here and there till we know further and we have to do the movies but that is on the other podcast. I know we could do a different podcast and start that and that would be the other podcast. I know we agreed to the end of 2024 and extended it beyond end of this year and we probably made a mistake on our part but we did that as we were really unsure of the future of the collab beyond season 30 and still unsure what is going to happen beyond Season 30 and it will be definitely a waiting game. That is the post for today and any further development we will be sure to let you know on here but I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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