Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Collaboration Podcasts Will be Ending Eventually...

            The title doesn't lie the collaboration podcasts will eventually be ending, including whenever Power Rangers Collab wraps up cause it sounds there will be no more season beyond season 30 but most part any collaboration that is about a TV Show will be all on The CBOTW Show and will be absorbed by that eventually. There could be a possibility that any future Power Rangers Collab could be merged but that has not been discussed between Larry and I as of yet. 

            Even if the collabs end there is The CBOTW Show will absorb your dose of TV and Movie talk as that is what the plan is. Now when is this change taking affect, we do not know. When Power Rangers slows down to a point there is no seasons and yes there has been talks this upcoming season is their last season but you never know with them honestly. Could continue. But as I said, possibly Larry and I could merge PR Collab with The CBOTW Show fully after season 30, retiring the other name of the podcast all together. I should know more by Friday as I do want to talk to him about that more so End of the Week Updates you will know the future of that for sure. Anyways that is my post for today, will talk to you all tomorrow.


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