Thursday, July 6, 2023

Five Guys Burgers Food Review!

         So yesterday I got to go to Five Guys Burgers with my friend Eric who is also Alum from The Video Projects Team era from 2005 till 2010. I ordered a Bacon Burger, with pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard and relish on it. My usual condiments and items I want to have on a burger technically. Now what I thought it was a single patty but it was a double patty and I never asked for it whatsoever but I am not going to complain. It is pretty expensive place to eat if I remember it was around 16 dollars and a chunk of change but it was worth that money actually. Was worth getting actually. 

         Now the burger and a large drink was all I got, I do not even think I could down fries with the size of this massive burger. The other best thing of this was with the drinks you can get refills actually and I considered getting a refill for the road home back into town to meet our friend Terry but I felt like I was floating enough from the large drink I had but anyways, I give this burger a definite 10 all day and next time I plan on adding in the fries I go there. That is the post for today, I hope you enjoyed this and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow! 



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