Friday, September 22, 2023

Events & YouTube!

          As you may know Chris is M.I.A. right now and it's cause of a lot of problems and drama but I will not talk about it. However the insults to Entertainment Man Podcast's YouTube Channel is really getting to him. He's started to regret returning to YouTube after his first initial retirement. However he is going to monitor the comments and if this continues, he will 1) block you no chance to return 2) Turn off the comments for good. 3) Decide to leave YouTube and go back to Audio ONLY.

           Now with events wise he has pulled back on Toronto Christmas Market as he doesn't feel safe with the crime rate in Toronto right now however it is strange he kept the Royal Winter Fair on the list but that could also soon be off the list soon as well. I understand that and time will tell. Chris also mentioned to me that Tyrone is also up in the air as there hasn't been a parade since December 2019 before Covid actually started and if there is a parade, he will go but if not then he will be removing it. But that is today's post, I will be covering for him tomorrow. Not sure when he will be back but please stay tuned on the ChrisBOnTheWeb Social Media accounts and I will chat with you tomorrow at 11 am EST. 


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