Saturday, September 23, 2023

End of The Week Updates [09-23-2023]

                           Another week has come to an end, it is time for another end of the week updates. Now Chris has been absent the last 2 days due to some mental health reasons but will be back hopefully on Monday. Here's what's been going on with ChrisBOnTheWeb Media:

Website: As I said this morning on a very long winded post of updates, Chris has changed the YouTube page to just "Entertainment Man Podcast" and evidently may be the only channel ChrisBOnTheWeb Media actually owns. Chris is fed up of the negative and trolls on the platform which was one of the reasons he quit. Which you can go back to yesterday's blog hence the reason I moved up the end of the week updates to this morning. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: With the 200th episode now wrapped up he can continue to create episodes and there will be no more YouTube Shorts nor he will not be doing TikTok no more as he's taken those both out of the equation and wants to focus on the main shows for right now. Also he's going back to the weekly shows on YouTube and audio and the every second week bonus episodes on every 2nd Thursday on audio only platforms.

The CBOTW Show: Despite him being off from the day to day operations this weekend, he's gotten back into Power Rangers and really putting the effort to getting it finished so they can officially record finally. 

            Finally Chris is currently under a messenger ban so he can actually answer messages on the Fan Page, so if you message the fan page I will be the one to answer the messages and should be back Thursday evening next week. If he needs more time off you will hear from me but enjoy your weekend and I will talk to you around the community. 


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