Monday, September 11, 2023

Orono Fair 2023!

           This weekend, I attended the Orono Fair 2023 for the second year in a row as before we miss two years due to COVID. Anyways, fantastic time with my dad. At the start we looked around the arena which mind you had no ice yet for the hockey season. Anyways, our local transit was there which I got some information on routes for the 507 route. They even had a Jenga game for the kids and that instantly brought back a lot of memories as a kid playing it. And yes I got a picture of me in front of the Zamboni in the arena, I had to! 

           Then we watched the Antique Tractor pull on the one side then we switched to the other side which was bad with the wasps around us constantly driving us insane. Then we grabbed food and watched some more tractor pull, followed by looking at the tractors on static display that has been or just sitting there. Looked around at the rides and activities and there is a board where you put a ball in and it goes to the top and goes down. Like a Plinko board from the Price is Right. Also the cows, sheep and pigs were there as well.  Cows were mooing at me I said something and the one mooed at me like it understood me. There was horses as well. Anyways we had a wonderful time and I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog and I will speak to you all tomorrow.





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