Friday, September 8, 2023

End of the Week Updates [09-08-2023]

             Another week has concluded and of course it ends with typical drama in our community Discord which will not be tolerated moving forward. So with that there has been changes to the team:

The CBOTW Show: As I announced on the private group, Larry and I were about to add an additional member to the podcast but that has all changed now and will now remain Larry and I moving forward and will continue on with what we are planning especially with the looming final 4 episodes we need to record together before we start prepping for Cosmic Fury!

Website: So the change to the team page has been readjusted once again and plan on keeping it that way for right now. Probably for a very long time. 

This Weekend: I plan on working on Power Rangers and plan on hoping to attend the Orono Fair this weekend as I technically cancelled going but the door is open but will be up to my dad if he wants to go. I really do wanna go as we plan on going for the Tractor Pull which is always one of my favourite things at the event. 

            Anyways those are updates for the week, I learned a lot this week about myself and I will talk about that on Tuesday but for right now have a great weekend and as always I will talk to you all on Monday for a brand new week of blogs.


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