Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The CBOTW Show is Struggling....

            I do not know what on earth is going on with The CBOTW Show. I've officially resigned from Power Rangers Podcast yet I'm still working on it in case things work out. Not sure what I did to my co-host as their normally on by now and starting to wonder and worry. I could just finish it on my own perhaps. That is always an option in the end to getting it finished and done and over with. We will see. There is other options for doing the other shows and people really enjoy the solo ones with me actually. 

         I wish I knew the answers to the problems in the content department of ChrisBOnTheWeb. I just cannot solve all the problems of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media in a day. Takes time and effort. I know I am fighting depression and struggling to get everything done and I just do not know how to get through all of these problems and workload that has piled right up from editing the podcasts to these blogs I am just way over my head with work. Plus 10th anniversary now backed up which I will address more tomorrow but thank you for reading this post and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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