Friday, November 10, 2023

The Royal Winter Fair 2023

           My job never ends, from podcasting to blogging to editing to going to events and Fairs this year has been eventful I can honestly say. Anyways this is the 101st Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and unfortunately missed the 100th last year but heard from a vendor that it was very busy place last year. Anyways they had Tack for horses and going with the theme of the Fair being equestrian, farm, also crops and farming. Also Fudge which we got my mom a piece and I tried a chocolate Cheesecake and will talk about that the food review posts with the samples and the meals I had out.  

             Of course they had cheesecake, Food court area with basically what they had 4 years ago when we went there last. They had beef jerky which we tried some and bought some for ourselves as we tried it and again I will talk about it on the blog later. They had a lot of things even Salami's which we found out Port Perry has a Farmers Market in the late spring, summer and early fall. They had Holstein show for the 5 year old cows and also another one that we saw late called the Summer Herfer class. They have their gourds, not as many as they did 4 years back, they had the grains as always which I did a comparison for my dad via an app for photos. They had chickens which I have a cool 3 second video of the Rooster crowing and chickens being chickens. Also have the Super Dogs in their own section a kids play area. Also saw the bees as always, found the queen very quickly. Finally we saw the Rode Ponies and the 3 horse hitch which was really cool in the Coliseum along with art, shirts, cup and much more. I could go all day but that is the post for now, I'm sorry this was overboard but thank you for reading and I will speak to you all at 1 pm ET.


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