Thursday, February 15, 2024

Started To Post More on The Main Channel

           As you've probably noticed, I have been posting to the main channel not just streaming wise but video wise. I know I have one more video and I will talk about that soon. However I have at least got 3 videos as of today out and one more coming next week with the tour of the studio itself. I haven't done a tour in a while back on social media so it is long over do especially since the last time I did it on Social Media but I do not remember when that was the last time that was done. 

            So I plan on doing more side videos at the moment. Not several but at least one video with the streams on the side. So there will be a variety of content for you guys and plan on plenty more to come for you guys on both channels and here on the website. However the more I post the more views we get and I have enjoyed the conversations on streams with you all and it is my pride and joy each weekend to sit back and chat with you all. That is the post for today, Kelsie will be back for the end of the week updates and I will be back Monday for another blog so enjoy them, have a great weekend and see you all on the streams this weekend and I will be back Monday for another blog post!


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