Monday, March 18, 2024

We Broke The Website Yesterday!

          Yesterday, I wanted to change up the website so the girls and I (Kelsie and Haylie) decided to explore the idea that I had and we ran into an issue with the menu bar as it didn't work whatsoever no matter what layout we went with. So the entire layout and the menu code and layout we had stayed the same but it moved about with the changes in the layout so it was there but was moved around. So the website for about an hour looked a hot mess and the three of us find it hilarious that we broke the website and we had a laugh for the day. 

          However once we got fixing the website, we found the website now looks a ton better and I am not sure what we did but it is now fixed and looks a ton better. Proud of the changes and big thanks to the two ladies being up all hours helping me through the fixes. Haylie was so patient and helped me out with the fixes and patches to the website and Kelsie was on the duty of testing the page out. We also removed the wall of fame as we do not have the images and feel it wasn't benefitting the website. Anyways we are online and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post!


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