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Saturday, June 1, 2019

My Thoughts On My Podcasts Next 2 Seasons of Everything About Reality TV

              It is scary to think my podcast will be around for another 3 seasons but exciting to be back for another 2 seasons, Big Brother 21, The Amazing Race Canada 7 this summer for the 11th season, then Survivor: Island of The Idols in the fall, then the New Year, another announcement for Season 12 and on announcement as well. Now we currently do not know the future of Celebrity Big Brother nor the summer time for next year but that is a long way from now to see what will happen. Also I know I haven't heard anything about Music City CMT and don't think I haven't been thinking about doing recaps on that show cause you guys know me too well, I'd do it in a heartbeat and you guys have enjoyed the recaps in the past 2 seasons so it is on my radar. So pretty much Music City CMT, Celebrity Big Brother are on my radar if both of those are to return again in the New Year, however like I said it is too soon to know but in time we will know what is going to happen and of course like usual, I will always keep you guys up to date on things and to what is what. Right Now, you guy kind of know the Summer and Fall shows I will be covering but nothing beyond that at the point but yes I said it was renewed for 3 more seasons.  

           The reason the podcast has been continuing on is because of you guys who keep it going with listening each and every week and the fact I keep on having shows to cover each and every season so I say thank you for the continuous support of the podcast as we're not going anywhere anytime soon as we are heading into the podcast's 11th season in a few weeks and I am so stoked to be recapping Big Brother 21 and The Amazing Race Canada 7. Now I may as well say this I knew since the day the renewal of The Amazing Race Canada that I would be active but the truth is Big Brother renewal what was holding me up to the renewal status of the podcast and why I went very quiet on the podcast. Now like I said on social media, I am holding off the schedule due to the fact I am still active on the 10th season so I am waiting till it finishes which we are on the 8th leg as of next week.  Soon as the finale week comes then I will start making announcement of the schedule for the summer. All I know I do not think there will be time off nor off season podcasts at this time as we'll be jumping right into the 11th season right away as there may be an announcement regarding the summer soon in changes but will see very soon!. I am feeling rejuvenated since finishing up Big Brother Canada and Survivor Edge of Extinction as I have taken time off for myself but excited for the rest of this season and the summer as well.