Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Hard To Predict But Not Thinking About Everything About Reality TV's 300th Episode

            It is really hard to tell when the 300th episode will be as right now we're at the 220th episode so it hard to predict as it could be sometime next year as usual, it could be sooner. I think I did the calculations, that's right I did the math and as much as I want it to happen right now I need to focus on the podcast with this season as right now things have not been as easy as I thought lately. I want to get threw this season first before things settle down with 1 podcast a week in the fall. I need to take it one season at a time and I think I am just thinking far ahead of myself so I need to slow down right now and with vacation coming up quite quickly as I am heading south east of the border for 6 days so I just gotta take things one day at a time. To think about 300 episodes right now, it is not the time right now. Also I have been thinking about Everything About Reality TV's Podcast 5th year on the air as of next year that has always been on my mind as well but right now I need to focus on this season first before anything else. 

               300 episodes is a lot to think about, however right now I shouldn't worry about it and honestly I know already that I will again not do anything special for the 300th episode or have guests on as I rather wait till the 500th episode and I honestly got a funny feeling it will happen down the road especially. 300 is a lot but I really rather stay focused right now and when the time comes closer then I can give you guys a schedule to when it happens but right now it is all about covering Big Brother 21 and The Amazing Race Canada 7 at the time and should be the only focus right now as I need to keep on the right track as I haven't been watching Big Brother 21 nor caught up with it recently but will work on it today before both episodes tonight. Anyways that is besides the point right now as EP # 300 will approach fast but I am just not thinking about it, as I am thinking about getting through the next week and a half and what not.


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