Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Dead By Daylight Video Game Review!

          I do not have a ton of hours on this game whatsoever but it is time I give some kind of review. I honestly can say at the start was a great start. First time I played I escaped! I'm like this is too easy but the more I played it became a lot more tougher for me and I didn't know I had to repair the generator and get them all running so this way it shows where you have to go. So I was a bit of a noob at this game and still am but getting better and better at it and I like this game especially for this time of the year as you all know Halloween is tomorrow and I love the horror video games too. Now the fact I know how to play this game, helps me a ton and I mean it really helped. Why do I say that? Well now that I know to repair the generators that really helps me find the door especially. It isn't that hard minus having to run away from that weird looking creature. I am really happy that Rocky got me into this game and I really enjoy it. However I have only played 9.5 hours of the game and need to get back into it honestly. I am planning to hopefully play with him this week but depends on my sleep schedule and my schedule in general as you know I am very busy with planning another collab down the road in December. Anyways I think it is kind of hard to rate this game at this point but it is truly an enjoyable game and if I was to rate it I would but right now probably out of 5 I would rate it a 4 as it is a tough game at times and you have to really think and watch you're back.

         However I have just started playing Dead By Deadlight and I just gotta get back into the game a lot more honestly and with me watching Lightspeed Rescue, I know I can play a bit and take notes at the same time I'm sure and I know I try and play a ton more. The more I play, the more I will be able to get better and also I need to start upgrading the characters which that will do a ton of good for me in the game and I think I am like only level 2 or 3 on the two main characters I am playing at this point so it surely doesn't help whatsoever to have low levels on the characters so that is definitely going to have to be a goal for me to rank em up big time to ensure the more the better. I realize too I have to upgrade different skills which I have started to do so I am on my way but yet again like I said from my point of view I have to play a ton more and that is definitely in the plans for me moving forward that I am going to make time to play even for an hour a day is good as I know working non stop is not a good thing and I do need to take a break and not burn myself out whatsoever. 


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